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This Amazing Selling Machine 2018 review is provided by a current member of ASM 8. The Amazing Selling Machine which is also known as ASM is a training program that helps people like you build a sustainable long-term business selling products on Amazon. This program was created by Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback and it has had over eight previous series with the Amazing Selling Machine 8 (ASM 8) coming out in October 2017. 

NOTICE – ASM 9 For 2018 is CLOSED

Until ASM 10 is released I recommend Jim Cockrum’s very successful PAC course. Check it out here.

There have been many positive reviews of the Amazing Selling Machine online and how many people have made money after attending the program and following the modules step by step.

However, as with any business opportunity, you must Take Action. An Amazon business will not start or run itself just because you bought a course. Set up a schedule to put in the time required to make this a success and document all your goals and plans in a daily business journal. Join the Facebook group and participate in group activities to broaden your knowledge.

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The question that will be on everyone’s mind is what is the Amazing Selling Machine and what kind of business does it entice?

Well, the Amazing Selling Machine is a training program that will expose the secrets of making money selling products on Amazon. The founder, Matt Clark decided to share his secret of making money from Amazon selling products through a method referred to as Drop-Shipping on Amazon. In a nutshell, drop shipping involves buying products that are relatively cheap which can then be sold at a much higher price markup.

So far, the training program has proven to be a success as several persons have quit their day jobs to enjoy a life of travelling or working from home.


The program is a bit expensive with the tentative cost for the program being $4,997 for upfront buyers and $997 for 6 months for those paying in instalments.

This is a lot of money but consider that it may be worth it as some persons have made returns on their investment in only their first few months of work after the training. Starting any serious business requires investments of both money and time.

  • (*) TYPICALITY DISCLAIMER: These member’s results may not be typical. ASM members joining between 2013-2016 who completed the program and launched a new brand had median annual revenue of $60,750.00.

On registering and paying for the program, you may be entitled to the following (subject to change):

  • An online training that will last 8 weeks.
  • A single admission live event in Las Vegas which will last three days.
  • Full access to tools and materials that will enable you to build your Amazon business successfully for one year, and you can always renew your subscription as a member.
  • Lifetime access to the Amazing Selling Machine community and forums.

When you pay for this program, you will have access to all of these tools and resources.


There have been many questions about the hefty price of the Amazing Selling Machine but since its inception, it has always sold out. Clearly, something is being done right. Although, they are far cheaper alternatives to a program like the Amazing Selling Machine especially as online trainings and e-books, none has been able to match the success of the Amazing Selling Machine.

The Amazing Selling Machine is currently in its eighth season and each of the programs in the series has addressed new techniques and changes which have occurred on the Amazon platform, ensuring that subscribers stay in profit and weather any change in policy or procedure.

The eighth season of the Amazing Selling Machine will only be open until January 31 and once it closes registration, it will not be available till the next available edition.


The program is available for anyone who wants to make money online and it is even suitable also for those with regular jobs as once established, you may only need spend a couple of hours per day taking action on the program.

You should register for the program if:

  • You want to increase your sales on the Amazon platform.
  • You want to increase the sales on your e-commerce platform.
  • You are looking to make extra money online.
  • You want to start an online business full-time.
  • You are looking for a stay at home work.

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I Live Outside The USA, Can I Participate?

You can take part in the program and make money from Amazon if you reside outside the United States of America as long as Amazon recognizes your country. You can receive your money through Payoneer account.

The Country I Live in Is Prohibited By Amazon Affiliate Program, Can I Still Participate?

Of course, you may be involved in this program as the seller program is different from the Amazon Affiliate Program.

How difficult is it to setup the program?

It is not difficult to set up the seller program as they are new members doing it regularly. You will be surprised at the caliber of persons that register for this program such as stay at home moms, bankers and persons from all work of life.

Will The Amazing Selling Machine Be Successful For Me if I Have Failed In Previous Online Businesses?

Amazing Selling Machine has a lot of positive reviews online and with the support available for the program; all you will need to do is to take action on your part.

How Much Do I Need To Start The Business?

You should not worry about the amount of money you can invest in the business as you can start with a small order and move up from there as you start making money. Plan for at least another $1,000 to $2,000 for product costs to start.

So what are you waiting for to start making money online and start living your dream life? Take that first step to become financially free for the rest of your life by investing in your success today. Contact me with any questions you may have about my Amazing Selling Machine 2018 review. Please remember that if you decide to purchase through any links on this site I may receive a commission. Thank you.

ASM 2018

Amazing Selling Machine 9 Review

My Amazing Selling Machine 9 Review

Thanks for checking out my Amazing Selling Machine 9 review. I’ve been involved with ASM for several years now and this review reflects my experience with the Amazon FBA program. You probably know that there are quite a few people out there that managed to make a small fortune on the Internet. Did you ever wonder how they succeeded in doing so? Maybe you even did some research on your own, trying to find some pieces of information that will give you a hint about the methods that can increase your fortune online. Well, then you probably didn’t hear about the Amazing Selling Machine. But what is this Machine and how does it work? Instead of being a money-making robot, as you may imagine, the Amazing Selling Machine 9 is actually an educational program. If you choose to adhere to this program, you will learn everything you need to know about becoming a successful and profitable seller on Amazon.

Update May 2018

ASM 9 is now closed and Amazing Selling Machine may open up again in the fall of 2018. Until then I highly recommend the following course and ebook from Jim Cockrum.

The Proven Amazon Course is available for substantially less than ASM and may be all you need to get started selling online.

PAC link

I would also recommend his book Silent Sales Machine. It’s been responsible for helping thousands become successful on various platforms online. First available in 2002, the 9th Edition is available now. Get the first 2 chapters free, just click below.

SSM link

As you may already know, Amazon is an incredible online marketplace, which welcomes any merchant that has something for sale. The best part about selling online is that you don’t even need to have a brick-and-mortar shop, a warehouse, or delivery trucks. Everything can now be set and done online, so it can easily be the kind of business you can set up and run from home, in your spare time. But, it takes more than just an online store on Amazon to actually drive a profit. This is when the Amazing Selling Machine program comes into the scene. Just look at it as a course that will turn you from a rookie in the sales sector into a professional that will know what to do in order to manage a successful business. It will be an investment you will make in your future prosperity and better financial stability.

  Amazing Selling Machine 9 Course 2018

When it comes to making a profit, regardless of the type of business involved, it is never an easy task. This Amazing Selling Machine 9 review is intended to help you decide whether selling physical products on Amazon is right for you. Selling things online may appear as a straightforward process, which mainly is, but don’t expect for it to run by itself. If you want to achieve financial stability and independence, you will need not just to cover your costs effectively, but also to enjoy a profit that will allow you to grow furthermore and to live the life you want for yourself and your family. Without the basic set of knowledge and training in this domain, it is extremely hard to achieve the desired performance and results on your own. Yes, you can experiment and see what works best, but you will lose not just a lot of money, as time and resource will quickly pass by as well. Thus, if you want to see your investment, work, sacrifices, and effort safeguarded, you will need to invest in a course that will turn you into a productive entrepreneur.
This is where this Amazing Selling Machine 9 review comes in. It is the ideal course for anyone that wishes to launch in the e-commerce business and wants to make sure that success won’t be such a distant goal. Considering that competition is rather harsh in this particular sector, due to the fact that there are very many online stores available at the moment, taking a course that will show you how to make it in the branch is more than welcome, if not even highly recommended. After all, you won’t want to see your investment go to waste. Why should you opt for the Amazing Selling Machine course? First of all, you need to know that this particular training program, available online, was specially developed to help people create a real business that develops fast and successful, by selling physical products on the Internet. The fact that the course is available online gives you the chance to structure your learning program according to your daily schedule so that you won’t have to let your job go until you actually get the hang of how business is done right.
How long will this course last? The online training lasts 8 weeks, which is a reasonable time. After this, you will definitely be able to start your online business at once. But when you pay for the course, you will receive other perks as well that are meant to turn you into a successful businessperson. Thus, you will also enjoy an admission at a live event in Las Vegas, on the same theme, of course, which lasts for three days. Besides this, you will receive a 1-year subscription that will provide all the tools you need to start and grow a profitable business on Amazon, with the possibility of renewing this subscription after the free first year passes. Also, you will automatically become a member of the Amazing Selling Machine 9 community, having unlimited access to its forum and information.
The ASM 9 course is structured very well so that even if you don’t have any knowledge in the e-commerce sector you will be able to understand and acquire the needed information. Thus, there is a welcome module, plus 8 different modules that are meant to help you get started in the business domain, by becoming a successful seller.

Amazing Selling Machine 9 Review Summary 2018

Now that you have a clearer image of the Amazing Selling Machine 9 review, you may be curious to see whether this actually works. If you had a constant interest in finding the best solution that will give you the financial security you desire, this particular program may appear rather appealing to you. The best part of the Amazing Selling Machine is the fact that it is a step-by-step guide. It doesn’t matter what’s your background, training, and experience because you will learn everything you need to know during this course. You just need to have the will and determination to learn new things and succeed in your challenge. As you just found out, there are online modules, each of them having its own videos that serve as learning sources, so all you have to do is watch every video you receive during the course. With the information you receive, you will have no troubles starting a business on Amazon that will turn out to be successful in no time.
How long does it take to actually start selling products on Amazon? Well, do have in mind that it may take up to several weeks for your products to become available on Amazon, as this part depends on certain factors that are connected with the internal processes of this online marketplace. But, until this happens, you have more than sufficient time to set up your store, market, and optimize it as you desire. The first sale should come within the first two or three months, if not even faster since you will finish the training program. And, believe it or not, you may reach several thousand sales in just one month after your first sale took place, all due to the knowledge received during the Amazing Selling Machine course. This is something that happened to regular people that followed the course out of the desire to open new doors in their lives when it came to financial stability, and not necessarily in the case of experienced businesspersons. So, this course will indeed give you the chance you are looking for when it comes to living the life you desire. It is a system that does work, so don’t be surprised when your inventory will be completely sold after just a few weeks. Even as a beginner in this domain, you can make it, so this course is an investment that is worth making for a better future.
  • (*) TYPICALITY DISCLAIMER: These member’s results may not be typical. ASM members joining between 2013-2016 who completed the program and launched a new brand had median annual revenue of $60,750.00.
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Amazing Selling Machine 9 Price

As mentioned earlier, the Amazing Selling Machine is an investment, as the exceptional knowledge you will receive during this training program does not come for free. So, how much will you spend to get trained within this system? Well, the Amazing Selling machine 9 price tag is close to $4K, more precisely $3997, but considering that the system works it is an investment worth doing. Also, you need to know that you don’t have to pay the entire sum at once, as there is the option to pay $997 per month, for a total number of 5 months. This way, even if you don’t have a considerable budget to support your training, you will still be able to do it. Still, why is this program more expensive than other similar ones? The answer lies in the simple fact that you may manage to obtain excellent profits  due to the training you will receive while participating in this program. So, when you will see that, as a beginner, your online business could generate sales  in the first month of activity, you will know that the price of this program was not high at all.

Amazing Selling Machine 9 Bonus

I’m not going to insult you by offering an $11,497 package of useless junk. What I will do is help you promote your first product through Youtube and other channels. I’ve had several product review videos ranked #1 in Youtube. Just contact me with your name after purchasing. Thank you.
I’d like to thank you for reading my Amazing Selling Machine 9 review. I have personally benefited from the earlier ASM programs and I have to say that the ASM 9 course material and support you get is second to none. If you are serious about starting a business you owe it to yourself to see what ASM has to offer.
Also, it’s a fact that if you purchase this program and just go through it you will not succeed. You must take action! The fact that ASM is now up to version 9 is a testament to it’s success with buyers. Please, if you do join, take action and complete the steps required in each module. Don’t read ahead or try to second guess the course content.
Please keep in mind that if you check out ASM 9 through this Amazing Selling Machine 9 review and decide to purchase it I may receive a commission. If this is a problem just clear your browser cookies and visit the ASM site again.


Amazing Selling Machine Alternative

ASM 8 closed October 27, 2017. There is no indication when it might open again. If you want to start a successful business on Amazon what is the best course to get now? Well the more affordable alternative to ASM is the “Proven Amazon Course” by Jim Cockrum.

It has been around for several years and is responsible for the success of thousands of sellers on Amazon.

It is also a fraction of the cost of ASM (like about 90% less).

There are updates and amazing new modules added on a regular basis.

From the course website:

This is the most comprehensive, creative and up to date “selling on Amazon” course in the world supported by the largest team of successful Amazon selling moderators. Our active, professionally moderated discussion forums are there for one reason — to make sure you have the help you need when you need it.”

To learn more about The Proven Amazon Course and read the success stories, please click the banner below.

Again, just a reminder that if you do choose to purchase anything through links on this site that I may earn a commission. Thanks.