Amazing Selling Machine 7 Review

ASM 7. Is It Worth Your Money?

This review of Amazing Selling Machine 7 is intended to help you determine whether or not this program is right for you and your future Amazon FBA business. Simply put my Amazing Selling Machine 7 review will help explain a program that teaches you how to make extraordinary profits by selling physical products using the power of Amazon. To date, it is one of the few online programs that teaches you how to conduct a successful Amazon business online. Thousands of students have enrolled in previous versions of Amazing Selling Machine thereby proving it to be a useful system in getting people to buy your products. This program doesn’t require you to have previous experience in affiliate marketing or eCommerce.


Amazing Selling Machine 7 Review – Pricing

The pricing of ASM 7 will be announced in the coming weeks. Some simple online research indicates that past versions of the Amazing Selling Machine have been about $3500. Some might say that there are other programs cheaper than ASM. Just because the price is lower doesn’t make the program better. This is the best program to spend your money on. I would rather spend $3500 learning Amazing Selling Machine 7 than learn an inferior course that will not make me money. That way I will have saved myself time and the potential income that I will earn.

Amazing Selling Machine 7 Structure – Pros and Cons

ASM 7 is a very comprehensive course developed in modules. Through these modules you will learn the techniques of selling on Amazon. Simply, it teaches you how to get products from wholesalers and sending them through various channels to Amazon so that they can be sold at good prices. This program has been designed and developed by renowned marketers Jason Katzenback, Matt Clark and Mike McClary.
a. High Potential profits: ASM does not require you to have a physical selling store. Therefore, you end up foregoing the cost of leasing one. Also, you do not incur the warehousing costs as well as the cost of labor.
b. Drop-shipping: The internet is synonymous with numerous product offering. This means you get to have a chance to explore an array of products that suit your customer’s needs.
c. Order Processing: With the help of, processing of products is easier and faster. Amazon has a well-organized and neat method of processing products.
d. Unsold inventory: Drop-shipping helps you avoid having the stress of unsold stock.
e. Shipping delays: Amazon takes care of shipping, and therefore you don’t have to worry about it.
a. Locating Manufacturers or suppliers: Locating manufacturers or good suppliers will quality products at a low price is the most time-consuming activity with online selling. Cheap and good quality products are the best to choose because the customers will trust you and you will be able to maximize the profit. A product that is low in quality will spoil your reputation and customers will no longer buy from you.
With Amazing Selling Machine 7, you have the benefit of knowing that there have been previous ASM classes. From the first program to Amazing Selling Machine 6, the developers of ASM have taken the students feedback and have created a new improved program for training.

How to Sell a Product on Amazon

Selling on Amazon is a quick and easy step. All you need to have is your bank account details, tax information and business details. Once you have these items, follow below steps to start making money from Amazon:

  1. Registration
    Register and set up an account to create an Amazon store. List the products that you want to sell using the easy-to-use listing tool. Create your catalog and make your product stand out using the Amazon Sponsored Products.
  2. Receiving Orders
    Once your products are live, your customers will be able to view them. Once a customer sends an order, Amazon will fulfill it and show the order in your Seller Central account where you can follow the order from the initial purchase to delivery if you choose to do so.
  3. Amazon Delivery
    Immediately after you set up an account, it comes enabled for Prime Shipping. Therefore, Amazon will pick the product and deliver it to your customer.
  4. Amazon Payments
    Once delivery is made, and the customer pays for the product, Amazon send the payments direct to your bank account within two weeks. Note: FBA deductions are only made when you make sales, and prompt payments are always made.
Amazing Selling Machine 7 Review – Some Amazon Terms Explained

What is an Amazon FBA business?

FBA means “Fulfillment by Amazon“. What this means is that Amazon stock your products, fulfills customers’ orders, and deliver the products to the customer. What this means for you is that you don’t need to worry about handling the products, your only worry is to look for enough products to satisfy your customers. Unlike the eCommerce store where you handle the logistics of delivering the product to your customers and taking inventory of sales, FBA only entrusts you with the role of bringing the product to the warehouse and then they handle the rest.
Type of FBA Business
Amazon FBA businesses are categorized into two types usually:
a. Inventing a product from the start: this involves designing or manufacturing a new product and putting all your efforts to convince people to buy it. This type of FBA business is risky as people are unaware of the product being sold
b. Reinventing someone’s product: this involves creating a better version of a product that is selling, but it is not good. Using reviews of competitor’s products is a good way to find improvement ideas. This is easier and very profitable.

What is Fulfillment by Amazon? (FBA)
Amazon fulfillment entails the following process which is different from a private label Amazon only FBA business in that you can fulfull your orders from Shopify or other platforms using Amazon.

  1. You store your products in Amazon fulfillment warehouses
  2. Amazon then receives the inventory which you can also monitor using their tracking system
  3. Customers order products from Amazon or other eCommerce platforms such as Shopify
  4. Amazon then picks and deliver the products using a method preferred by the customer
  5. Amazon provides tracking information
  6. Amazon offers customer services and returns management for products

Here is a sample of part of the first page when you check into Amazon’s Seller Central. These results may not be typical and are shown for illustration purposes only for this Amazing Selling Machine 7 review.


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